18 Plate News: 21st Apr to 30th Apr 18

AD E40D / E400MMC's as a top up for Camborne routes U1 to U4 are.....
33301 to 33302: WK18CFO/P
AD E20D / E200MMC's at Camborne consist of....
44951 to 44970: WK18BVB/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/L/M,  BUE/F/H/J/O/P/U/V/W,  BVA

Further AD E40H / E400MMC deliveries include....
EH272 to EH276:  SN18KMJ/K/M/O/U

AD E20D / E200MMC's here consist of 201 to 208: CH04/06/12/56/57/58/59/62CAT in Cheshire Cat livery and 209 to 213: YX18KTP/T/V,  KUA/B in new livery..
210: YX18KTT: AD E20D / E200MMC: Network Warrington

YG18CVS: Ytkg E10 is a demonstrator in use with Arriva London

TYR3R: VH TX25 Astromega: Tyrers, Adlington

AA18WEB: Ir I6: Swallow, Rainham

BB18WEB: Ir I6: Swallow, Rainham

BC18DMB: Ir I6: Blakes, Tiverton

BU18YMM: MB Tourismo: Gibbons Holidays, Bedlinog
BU18YMV: MB Tourismo:
BU18YNA: MB Tourismo: Daish's Holidays, Torquay
BU18YNB: MB Tourismo: Daish's Holidays, Torquay
BU18YNC: MB Tourismo: Daish's Holidays, Torquay
BU18YNF: MB Tourismo : P&O Lloyd, Bagillt
BU18YNG: MB Tourismo: P&O Lloyd, Bagillt
BU18YNH: MB Tourismo: P&O Lloyd, Bagilt
BU18YNM: MB Tourismo: Glen Valley, Wooler
BU18YNP: MB Tourismo: Hills Coaches, Wolverhampton

BU18YNY: MB Tourismo: Cresta Coaches, Bridgend

BU18YOK: MB Tourismo: Lakeside, Ellesmere
BU18YOL: MB Tourismo: Lakeside, Ellesmere
BV18AXO: Vo B11R / Je JHV2:

BV18YCH: Vo B11R / 9700: Hills Coaches, Wolverhampton

CC18WEB: Ir I6: Swallow, Rainham

ER18ZAR: Ir I6: Heathside Travel, Ferndown
EX18SON: VH EX16M: Sharpes, Nottingham

HF18CKK: Vo 9700 : Excelsior: Bournemouth

JE18ACF: Ir I6s : Elcock Reisen, Wellington

LG18MOR: VDL Futura 2: Montons, Little London

MH18BAN: Tmsa HD12RHD: Banstead Coaches, Banstead

OU18ZSE: Au Tourliner: Johnson Bros, Worksop

OU18ZTC: Au Tourliner: Neoplan

PO18EEV: Vo B11R / Je JHV2: Travellers Choice, Carnforth

PO18FDA: MAN / Mobipeople Explorer II: Holmeswood Group, Holmeswood

PR18NAT: Ir I6: Prospect Coaches, Lye

SN18CVT: Vo / Pn Panther: Lothian Coaches
SN18CVW: Vo / Pn Panther: Lothian Coaches

VD18STX: VDL Futura 2: Stanley Coaches, Stanley

WC18DMW: Ytkg TC9: Williams Coaches, Brecon

XX18PSW: Ir I6: Paul S.Winson, Loughborough

YE18FLZ: Ytkg TC9: Happy Days, Stafford

YR18CLJ: Ir I6: Johnson Bros, Worksop

YX18LJU: Vo / Pn Panther: Bradshaws, Knott-End-On-Sea

YX18LLW: Vo / Pn Panther: York Pullman, Rufforth

With Credit and Thanks to:
Alistair Liddle, Ian Rivett, Paul Whiteside and Trevor Cope.

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  1. New Irizar YN18 SXY of Dunwood. YN18 CPX a Turas 900 bodied Iveco (Silver) owner unknown.