18 Plate News: 11th Jun to 30th Jun 18

The final two AD E20D / E200MMC's have been registered.....
237 to 238: YX18KWS/T
Vehicles officially enter service on the 25th June.

AD E40H / E400MMC: EH225 has been noted on delivery.
Further registrations for Stockwell AD E40H / E400MMC's include....
EH299: YX18KXM
EH302: YX18KXP
EH304: YX18KXS

The last two AD E20D / E200MMC's for Fulwell route 216 of the batch DLE30217 to DLE30216 are registered thus....
DLE30225 to DLE30226: YX18KVO/P
The first two AD E20D / E200MMC's for Tolworth route K2 of the batch DLE30227 to DLE30237 have been registered....
DLE30227 to DLE30228: SN18KPF/G
The last of the AD E20D / E200MMC's for Fullwell route K3 of the batch DLE30238 to DLE30249 have been registered...
DLE30246 to DLE30249: SN18KRK/O/U/V.
Further Vo B5LH / Wt Gemini 3 HEV deliveries include VH45273,  VH45276: LF18AXU (marked as VH54276!)and VH45277
VH45276 (as VH54276): LF18AXU: Vo B5LH / Wt Gemini 3 HEV

YX18KZE: AD E20D / E200MMC is here.

Further new vehicles here as YX18KYN & YX18KYO: AD E20D/ E200MMC's join this modern fleet.

A couple of unique vehicles are BV18YAD and BV18YAE which will carry Go Ahead London fleetnumbers VHP1/2 for operating on Peckham route 37.
These are pantograph fitted Vo B5LHC / Wt SRM's

KC65ABC: VDL Futura 2: Kings Tours, Colchester

KSK950: Vo B11R / Pn Elite: Parks of Hamilton

AT18AET: Vo B8R / Pn Panther: Angels Executive Travel, Cryers Hill
AT18ASH: Ir I6: Ashley Travel, Sheffield
AU18DEN: VH TDX25: Ausden Clark, Leicester
BU18OSR: Sca / Co Levante: Bruces Coaches, Salsburgh
BU18OSV: Sca / Co Levante: Bruces Coaches, Salsburgh
BU18OSW: Sca / Co Levante: Yeomans Coaches, Hereford
BU18YPE: MB Tourismo: ALB Minicoaches, London
BU18YSD: MB Tourismo: Evergreen Coaches, Smethwick

BU18YSO: MB Tourismo: Shearings, Wigan

BV18AYE: Vo B11R / Je JHV2: Expressway Coaches, Wath-Upon-Dearne
BX18BTX: Vo B11R / 9700: Brent Thomas Coaches, Tonypandy
FJ18NZF: MB1223L / Pn Cheetah XL: York Pullman, Rufforth
KC18AMC: VDL Futura 2: Aston Manor Coaches, Birmingham

PU18HAM: Vo / Pn Panther: Pulhams Travel, Bourton-On-The-Water

SG18TSG: Vo B8R / Ssd SC5: Safford's, Sandy

With Credit and Thanks to:
Alistair Liddle, Connor Wainwright, Gabriel Hessayon, Ian Rivett, and Trevor Cope.


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